February 8, 2016

1919 Kitchen & Tap, Green Bay - February 5, 2016

Classic Wisconsin Fish Fry Scale: 4 points out of 5, a Classic Wisconsin Fish Fry

Service: Good
Wait Time: Arrived at 6:45pm, 3 in our party, no wait
Food: Good

Price: Fish Fry - Perch (3 full perch) for $15.95

Classic Wisconsin Fish Fry Scale
Brandy Old Fashioned: 1 point, offered brandy old fashioned and it was muddled
Fish: 1 point, offered perch
Potato: 1 point, served with fries
Cole Slaw: 1 point, served with meal
Rye Bread with Raw Onion: 0 points, rye bread not served with meal

1919 Kitchen & Tap
1265 Lombardi Ave (Lambeau Field, First Floor Atrium)
Green Bay, WI 54304


Located right at Lambeau Field, 1919 Kitchen & Tap pays homage to the founding of America's greatest team, the Green Bay Packers. Founded in 1919, the Packers are just as much a Wisconsin tradition as the Friday Fish Fry.

The ambiance and decor is warm and inviting with a huge bar area with a good selection of beers on tap and an array of craft cocktails. The three of us arrived at 6:45pm to a mostly full bar and dining room with immediate seating. We decided to enjoy a cocktail at the bar first before we were seated, so we ordered a round of "the Definitive Brown County" Old Fashioneds. The drink was muddled and mixed by a knowledgeable bartender and served over ice-an excellent start to Friday night with a delicious Brandy Old Fashioned.

We informed the host that we were ready to be seated and he brought us to one of the comfy booths. Above us on a balcony was a guitarist playing and singing live which provided for a great dining experience. It seems like every Friday night they have live music.

There is an excellent selection of bar themed appetizers and we chose the Stone-Baked Pretzel with Curly's Ale Beer Cheese sauce. I tried to get a picture but some people were too hungry at our table to wait for me.

The pretzel was freshly baked and delicious when dipped in the warm cheese sauce. Definitely recommend it for a great appetizer before your meal.

1919 Kitchen & Tap features their Fish Fry-Days with their own take on the Classic Wisconsin Fish Fry. One in our party chose the bacon grilled cheese which was phenomenal, but for us the fish fry was the reason we came.

The perch was served hot and crispy with a delicious breading and came with a side of malt-vinegar tartar sauce. The french fries are hand-cut and seasoned nicely. The cole slaw was good, nothing over the top but a good solid cole slaw side. In lieu of rye bread and onion was their peppercorn mac & cheese. I have to say that while it was the right amount of cheesiness, it lacked in flavor and it could use something to kick it up a notch.

All in all our experience from our hand-crafted cocktails to the live band to the fish fry was just what we were looking for. If you're looking for a Classic Wisconsin Fish Fry in a setting that pays tribute to Americas greatest team, 1919 Kitchen & Tap in Lambeau Field should be on your short list.

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