December 17, 2014

Waverly Beach, Menasha - December 12, 2014

Classic Wisconsin Fish Fry Scale: 4 points out of 5, a Classic Wisconsin fish fry.

Service: Ok
Wait Time: Arrived at 7:30pm, 6 in our party, no wait
Food: Good

Price: Perch Plate (3 full perch), $13.95

Classic Wisconsin Fish Fry Scale
Brandy Old Fashioned: 1/2 point, served brandy old fashioneds but not muddled
Fish: 1 point, offered perch, shrimp, haddock, scallops, salmon, and a seafood platter
Potato: 1 point, offered choice of potato options
Cole Slaw: 1 point, served with meal
Rye Bread with Raw Onion: 1/2 point, served rye bread but no raw onion

Waverly Beach
N8770 Fire Lane 1
Menasha, WI 54952

Waverly Beach is an interesting place. The sign is a colorful 90's theme that can't be missed and the building looks like a large pole building. It's worth noting that the "shed" area is a banquet hall for weddings and parties, and on occasion features local live bands. In the summertime, there is a large outdoor bar and dining area that is very popular for relaxing on the beach or docking your boat for some drinks and food.

But it's winter now and the patio wasn't open. We arrived at 7:30pm and it wasn't very busy, so there was no wait for a table, but we did have to wait for our friends to arrive, 6 of us in all. The brandy old fashioneds were not muddled and hastily made, but tasted fine. A few drinks and the arrival of our friends, we waited for a hostess to seat us in the dining room.

The dining room was mostly empty, so service was prompt. We all got one of the Friday fish options. The perch was pretty good, the breading maybe a touch thick, but nicely done. The fries were cooked decently, and the coleslaw was homemade but lacked the flavor I was looking for. The waitress commented they normally have really good coleslaw but just didn't quite taste right tonight.

While Waverly Beach lacks the ambience of a good food establishment, they do have a good fish fry so its worth a visit. In the summertime, I highly recommend soaking up the sun on their outdoor patio, lot of activity and worth a visit on the weekend.