October 18, 2014

Farr's Grove, Green Bay - October 3, 2014

Classic Wisconsin Fish Fry Scale: 4 points out of 5, a Classic Wisconsin fish fry.

Service: Good
Wait Time: Arrived at 8:30pm, 2 in our party, no wait
Food: Excellent

Price: Perch Plate (3 full perch), $12.95 or 1 1/2 perch (5 full perch), $17.95

Classic Wisconsin Fish Fry Scale
Brandy Old Fashioned: 1/2 point, served brandy old fashioneds but not muddled
Fish: 1 point, offered perch, and other options
Potato: 1 point, offered choice of potato options
Cole Slaw: 1 point, served with meal
Rye Bread with Raw Onion: 1/2 point, served rye bread but no raw onion

Farr's Grove
2443 Shawano Ave
Green Bay, WI 54303

Previous review of Farr's Grove from December 17, 2012

This is our 2nd visit to Farr's Grove and we enjoyed it, it definitely stays firmly in the #3 spot on our top 5 Classic Wisconsin Fish Fry's in North East Wisconsin. We got there sort of late, so plenty of seating was available at the bar as well as the dining room. We ordered our cocktails and drank one at the bar before we took a table. You can choose to eat at the bar too, but there was a high school football game on the big screen, and some of the patrons were not happy with the referees, so we wanted a quieter place to eat.

We had our choice of seating, so we got another round of brandy old fashioneds and grabbed a table. Farr's Grove is more of a tavern, so no fancy seating or menu's, just good drinks and good food. Food options are listed on menus on the walls. I meant to take a picture of the menus, but forgot about it until after we left. I counted a total of 7 different menus for ordering food, one main one and 6 others posted on different beer brand signs. All listing basically the same things.

We both got the same order, the Perch Plate with a side of fries. Food at Farr's Grove is served on paper plates, a common thing you'll find in taverns. The perch was delicious, they have a little thicker breading than most but we both enjoyed it. Fries were crispy and the coleslaw was good. The meal was served with rye bread, but I don't recall seeing any raw onion, although last time we were here it was. Great experience all around.

Apparently Jerry Farr (I'm guessing the owner of Farr's Grove) has a thing for a Classic Wisconsin Fish Fry as you can see in the quote below found on shirts worn by all the waitstaff. I bought one for $20, just ask the waitress at the bar to pick out your size and favorite color. This is one of those things you'll only find in Wisconsin, LOVE IT!

If you haven't been to Farr's Grove, you must go. Remember this is a tavern and the true roots of the Classic Wisconsin Fish Fry, so expect a very informal dining experience with great food. Take it from Jerry Farr that perch is a gift from god, and a delicious one at that.