April 4, 2014

River Street Pier, Green Bay - March 28, 2014

Classic Wisconsin Fish Fry Scale: 4.5 points out of 5, a Classic Wisconsin fish fry.

Service: Friendly and casual
Wait Time: Arrived at 7:00, 4 in our party, 20 minute wait for a table
Food: Great food

Price: Perch Plate (3 full perch), market price, $14.50

Classic Wisconsin Fish Fry Scale
Brandy Old Fashioned: 1/2 point, served brandy old fashioneds but not muddled
Fish: 1 point, offered perch, bluegill, walleye, cod, and shrimp, and a combo platter
Potato: 1 point, offered choice of potato options
Cole Slaw: 1 point, served with meal
Rye Bread with Raw Onion: 1 point, offered rye bread with choice of white raw onion

River Street Pier
1984 Velp Ave
Green Bay, WI 54303

We are about half-way through lent and Wisconsin fish fry's on Friday nights are a busy place. We weren't looking for a long night so wanted something local with a good fish fry and cocktails without the hour wait. Our friend recomended a few options and we settled on River Street Pier, a small place on Velp Ave along the river.

We arrived around 7:00pm to be at the tail end of the busy time and were pleased to find only a 20 minute wait. We were driving to River Street Pier and almost missed it because it looks like a house with a parking lot, but with the address we found it just fine. The decor is interesting, its sort of what you'd expect from a restaurant being on the river with a fish theme. Fishing nets were hanging all over, fishing gear hung around the room and hung on walls, I expect places like this are more tourist traps, but this was in Green Bay and definitely not a tourist trap, it was anything but.

We found some room at the bar to sneak in and order some cocktails. The brandy old fashioneds were not muddled but were good, about what you'd expect out of my typical cocktail. We found a place near the bar to perch and sip our cocktails, the concept was one large room with the bar on one side and pub style seating neatly laid out in the rest of the room. The host and bartenders were chatty and casual, which I love about small local places. After about 20 minutes our table was ready.

We sat down and were immediately greeted by our friendly waitress. She made sure we had drinks and answered some questions from the menu. We asked her recommendations and she said the bluegill and walleye were excellent, and recommended the homemade potato salad.

In short enough time, our food was served up on paper plates. The fish was lightly breaded and just about perfectly cooked. The potato salad was excellent as out waitress had recommended. The coleslaw side was alright, don't think it was homemade or anything special but it was good enough. The meal was topped off with light rye bread and of course the white raw onion.

If you're looking for a small, local Classic Wisconsin Fish Fry, River Street Pier is a sure bet. You'll enjoy everything from the waitstaff to the food, all served up on unpretentious paper plates. What is not to love?